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Mgr. Michaela Brejchová Montessori lektorka a poradkyně

+420 774 928 948

Reni Anderko, maminka Alexe

Reni Anderko, maminka Alexe We have known Ms Michaela Brejchova for 3 years. She proved to us not only the effectiveness of the Montessori method, but also how important the teacher is. When our son Alex, 2 years old at the time, met Ms Brejchova as his strict and knowledgeable Montessori teacher, he was known for misbehaviour, lack of learning progress and hyperactivity. Believe it or not, kids just love her, and so, in a couple of weeks, Alex was again the bright and harmonious kid we believed he could be. Alex is now 5-year old joyful preschooler but he truly misses the Montessori time with Michaela, which only tells us her devotion gives the best results. Moreover, it is not only her true skilfulness we admire. She is a decent, sophisticated person, easy-going and so sunny! We are simply lucky to know her, to learn from her, and we are proud to recommend her as a wholehearted professionalist.

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