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Mgr. Michaela Brejchová Montessori lektorka a poradkyně

+420 774 928 948

Aga Critchlow, maminka Joshe

Aga Critchlow, maminka Joshe We have met Misa when my son was attending the 2nd class in primary school and she became his class teacher. As a child from a bilingual family and with dyslexia and dysgraphia, he had a natural animosity to school and learning. Thanks to Misa’s patience, professional approach and an overall very supportive and exciting attitude, she had turned my son into a child who enjoyed going to school and learning. She gave him the confidence to ask questions and to focus on his strengths rather than be terrified of his weakness. He is not in 6th class, and still remembers Misa fondly as one of the best teachers he has ever had.

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