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Mgr. Michaela Brejchová Montessori lector and advisor

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Nikls, parents of Zejka

Nikls, parents of Zejka We met at the right time for out family with mrs. Míša. She was a director of Montessori kindergarten back then. She quickly caught us with her open mind and patient attitude and not only us, parents, but also our daughter Zea. Since the very first time it was obvious - Zejka trusted Míša and spoke about her very often and looked forward every day to kindergarten. As time went by we discovered the Montessori education with the help of Míša and proven our theory that kids are very wise. It was a great contribution for us to learn how to prepare environment suitable for kids to be creative and satisfied with its work. For every member of our houshold it was a huge improvement - suddenly everyday things were smooth. Zejka had changed in front of our eyes and she was so satisfied! Activities she did, helped her to develop and at the same time filled her with feeling of importance and satisfaction. Moreover it was all in the environment which Míša could maintain with extraordinary atmosphere. It was a great joy for us and I wish you all could experience it aswell.

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