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Mgr. Michaela Brejchová Montessori lector and advisor

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+420 774 928 948
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Iva Voříšková, mother of Kristýnka

Iva Voříšková, mother of Kristýnka I was very satisfied with the work of Michaela Brejchová, teacher and director of Montessori schoo. My daughter Kristýnka had visited the kindergarten only for a year but I was able to see great improvement in her growth. She has taught many useful and practical things and she likes to think about this experience often. Mrs. Michaela has always literally supplied us with the energy of her positive attitude and all of the kids were open to her thanks to that. I would welcome such as attitude and Montessori philosophy in our state education system and I hope very much that we will move to this level one day. I want to thank Michaela and I wish her luck in her future work in Montessori education.

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